UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015


As a company specializing in the installation, design, development, programming, commissioning, and maintenance of building and industrial process control systems (BMS), whose commitment is to provide efficient and high-quality work to its clients, we establish, implement, and maintain the following Quality Policy based on the following fundamental principles:

• Ensure that products and services meet the satisfaction demanded by our customers by adjusting the product design and delivery process in a feasible manner.

• Foster a collective commitment to the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and Environmental Impact, avoiding non-conformance and meeting the expectations of interested parties.

• Systematically recognize internal or external events that may represent risks or opportunities for achieving business objectives, keeping involved parties informed about the company's risk profile and status.

• Operate with professional and environmental ethics in the conduct of business.

• Establish collaboration channels with other entities or companies that may be of interest.

• Optimize costs and analyze results, understanding the level of customer satisfaction.

• Create an optimal environment for the personal and professional development of all our employees.

CONTROL CUBE's commitment is based on the concept that Quality is the responsibility of all its personnel. The management ensures that all personnel are familiar with and work in accordance with what is specified in this Quality Management Manual and the Procedures Manual, drafted to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements and the requirements specified in the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, as well as the Quality Objectives established by the management.